About Odex

ODEX was founded in 2011 and is today a company under United Company. We are a Scandinavian distributor whose main objective is to build brands and create value for our retailers within the market of dedicated users, specifically within the Outdoor segment.

Our portfolios of explicit brands have all been chosen for their common property: They all deliver highest quality without compromise.


We inspire people to make movements

Our goal as a company is to be in constant progress, and insure added value in the whole pipeline in collaboration with our retailers.

We build brands by adding competence and education, efficient marketing with involving communication and experiences. This is combined with a quick, efficient and transparent logistics system. We take great pride in our work.


We bring strong brands to inspired people in a passionate way, for everyday well being

We strive at integrating our core values in all our work, both internally in the organization and externally in collaboration with our retailers.


PASSION: We put our heart and soul into our job. It should always make sense to work with our brands.

QUALITY: We deliver the highest quality, both in our assortment and in the way we do business.

STABILITY: We are a focused and professional business, with a sound economy. We are able to deliver an assortment from all our brands.

DIALOGUE: A closer relationship to our retailers and suppliers is essential for our visibility, reputation and sales.

We distribute the following brands within the segments of outdoor in Europe